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    I'm a do it yourselfer i am finishing my basement and want to add heating and air off my current hvac.I have one cold air return in my upstairs hallway do i need to add one down stairs and if so do i have to worry about negitive pressure. The upstairs of my house is 1050 sq feet and the finshed room in the basement wil be 400 sq feet.

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    Ideally yes having a cold air return is benifical for conditioning the basement.
    It should come directly from the return air plenum at the furnace or the return air trunk --- don't tap off the return upstairs.
    The same applies to the supply vents --- they should be off the supply trunk and not tapped off supply runs upstairs.

    The returns should be placed as low to floor level as possible in order to help draw the warm air from the supplies which are likely to be at ceiling height. Another benefit is drawing the colder air from the floor level helping to make the space more comfortable.

    Typically the number of returns is roughly half than the supplies to keep the basement at a more positve level so as not to upset the combustion equipment air intake.

    Example--- depending on walls and rooms with doors ...... 4 - 6 inch supplies = 2 - 6 inch returns

    Hopefully this helps.
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    Thanks that was just what i needed to know.It's going to be a open family room with a half bath so i'm thanking 2 in the main room and 1 in the bath.

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