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    Default 1950's ranch-insulating cathedral ceiling

    We have a 1950's ranch - we need to insulate & resheetrock cathedral ceiling-the problem being that rafters are only
    2x8's - any suggestions on where we should start as ventilation
    is also a concern. Also, what alternatives are there rather than

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    Cool Re: 1950's ranch-insulating cathedral ceiling

    I had a home with cathedral ceilings. When I finnaly got tired of giving my money to the gas company we reinsulated. When it came to the ceiling we decided it was also time to reshingle the roof. A frame work was constructed to allow air to pass over the original roof, just as you would in an attic and insulation was added before the plywood and new roof. It made a world of difference and also quited the sounds of rain and small animals running across the roof. The ga scompany also came out to see if the meter was working correctly due to the difference in heating bills.

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    Default Re: 1950's ranch-insulating cathedral ceiling

    Howdy the other post is describing a cold roof but if you live where it is cold in winter the 7&3/8 space does not allow much insulation. Consider obtaining a bid for spray foam .

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    Default Re: 1950's ranch-insulating cathedral ceiling

    Absolutely spray foam is the way to go. Depending on your climate, there are a couple of options. Open cell insulation will be slightly less than r-4 per inch and closed cell will be about 6.5 per inch. Either way, you will outperform any fibreglass or batt insulation of the same r-value. Open cell will give you the most sound protection and probably cost a lot less, while closed cell would add strength if needed and also allow you to get to around r-40 if you think you need that as well. I myself went with open cell in a similar situation and I'm extremely happy with the results.

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