I have a problem with water seepage at the bottom of the the well water equipment is connected (that's another story, we have a well pump, water softener, ph neurtralizer and nitrate filtration system !). Anyway, back to the main problem. The bottom portion of the wall for about 10 feet length and 10 inches high, always looked moist, but we never had any water dripping in. But we had an unusually hbasement wall. It is in the corner of the basement where all eavy downpour and my husband (the unhandy man) pointed out that a little stream of water was coming in between the cinder blocks, about 1 inch above the cement floor. Since then, it has never dried up.
I had new gutters and downspouts put in, they run to an underground drainage pipe. Also on that side are the 2 central A/C units. The ground slopes towards the house. But here's the issue, we haven't had any rain in 2 weeks and the problem is still going on, still seepage. Now I noticed the wet area on the wall is expanding.
Before I get someone out that wants to seal the basement, I believe I need to know where the water is coming from. It can't be rainwater since there has been no rain. I live at the top of a mountain, but I did hear there were underground streams in the area.
My question is, if we plug the hole which is very tiny and seal the wall wouldn't it just force through another way? Someone mentioned to me that they heard of a method where they pump a filler/sealer around the foundation. Has anyone heard of that?
All take any suggestions and professional advice. I don't want to get ripped off, I just want to solve the problem.