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    Lightbulb How to hide ugly electric panel

    I bought my first home and in the middle of the living room is the electric panel. The home was built in the 40's and when they had the electric updated they put the panel in the living room. I was going to move it , but I am just going to try to hide it, do you have any creative ideas how to do this, and how much would it be to have it put in the utility room just encase I change my mind.

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    Default Re: How to hide ugly electric panel

    Buy an original Dutch Masters Oil and hang it over the panel..No one will notice.

    I'll move it for $10,000.00. Sight unseen........... You pay for fuel and lodging for travel.
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    Default Re: How to hide ugly electric panel

    Weird choice for them to put it there...
    Probably a major job to move it.

    If it is flush with the wall then maybe contact paper or a neat wallpaper job on it might help disguise it. Of course make sure you can still open the door on it.

    I like the idea of hanging a thick framed painting over it too.

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