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    Default Install TV Antenna cable?

    I need to install a TV Antenna in my attic.
    The cable needs to come down an outside wall to the kitchen.
    The outside wall has bat type insulation that is stapled to each side of the studs.
    Any advise would be appreciated.
    Is this possible for a novice to do?

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    Default Re: Install TV Antenna cable?

    It could be a project for a novice...but be advised you will need a lot of patience. You cut your hole in the drywall in the kitchen for the standard sized retrofit box (for the cable outlet plate to mount to), find a reference point (such as a light fixture, vent, etc) and take measurements to the wall. Go to the attic, find the other side of the reference point and drill a 3/4" hole into the wall cavity from the attic. Thread a steel or fiberglass fishtape through the hole in the attic and retrieve the other end through the hole in the wall in the kitchen. Attach the coax cable to the fishtape and pull it back into the attic. Make the connections, and you're done. It might take several tries to get the fishtape down the wall, but it can be done.

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