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Thread: Sanding Tile?

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    Question Sanding Tile?

    I used the wrong product to seal my tile grout. I used a tile sealer instead of a grout sealer. The tile sealer is made for porous tile, and I have smooth ceremic (so much for reading the bottle well). At first the tile looked gorgeous with a great shine, but then the sealer started peeling off after a few weeks. My question is - how do I get the rest of the peeling sealer off (it's a LOT of tile - sunroom, bathroom, kitchen) so that I can reseal the grout correctly? Can I use a wet/dry high grit sandpaper? I've looked into some commercial tile cleaner, but it seems to work for removing "grout" haze, not "dumb mistake sealer" haze. Please help...

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    Default Re: Sanding Tile?

    You could try Goof Off, it will take a lot of stuff off. Just of course try it in an inconspicuous place so if it damages the tiles it wont be noticeable.

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