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    Default How do I waterproof basement with exposed footing?

    I plan on finishing my basement, occasionally when it rains hard I get water through my walls that puddles on the floor. I

    live outside Philadelphia PA, I have extended my drain pipes and graded my dirt away from the house. I have read many

    options about reverting the water to a sump using a french drain or channel, but all articles assume that the footing is

    below my basement slab. In my case, my footing is exposed above my slab, and I get moisture through my cinderblock wall. I

    have 2 questions: 1. How can I provide drainage for the water in this situation? (see pic), do I place a french drain next

    to the footer? Do I put a drain on the footer next to the wall? How close to the footer can I build my studs? 2. If I

    insulate my walls, how can I keep mold from forming if my walls have moisture weeping through the cinder block? Pic URL http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo...eat=directlink

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    Default Re: How do I waterproof basement with exposed footing?

    Extending the downspouts and grading soil away from the house are the first major steps in preventing water infiltration.

    The source of water infiltration is the soil outside becomes saturated with water along with the force exerted by this wet soil forces moisture into the foundation--- especially block foundations.

    To be honest if you are considering finishing the basement you need to ensure that all moisture issues are taken care of before. Otherwise you will waste a lot of money and time when things get ruined.

    In my opinion the proper way to prevent moisture infiltration is from the exterior ---- the source. Unfortunately this is the most expensive and intrusive method since it requires excavating the exterior perimeter of the foundation.
    Once that's done a water proofing system is applied which would consist of a perimeter drain along the footings ---- an elastomeric membrane applied to the wall surface ----- a drainage layer over that ---- back filled and you're dry.

    The interior method is cheaper but in my opinion this isn't better since you are still allowing the moisture from the exterior soaking into the blocks ----- then draining into the interior.

    Preventing the moisture infiltration at the source ----- the exterior ---- is always the better option.
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    Cool Re: How do I waterproof basement with exposed footing?

    I agree with Canuk. The better way to water proof is from the outside. This is where the water is coming from and if the wall was sealed before it is now telling you something is wrong and needs addressed. It is just my opinion but I have always felt punching holes into walls inside the basement to relieve water was the wrong way to go. If water is infiltrating your blockwork it is deteriorating the block and possibly hiding mold where it cannot be seen

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