This is my first time posting a question. We had a home inspection conducted on our 1918 craftsman home for sale. The inspector found moisture in the basement while putting a moisture meter up to the basement walls. Our basement was finished in the 40's, long before we owned it, with pine 1x12's nailed horizontally to the walls and ceiling. The plumbing is still exposed on the ceiling, including the pipes for the hot water heating system. We know that a french drain was installed down one side of the house about 5 years ago. We have never had any wet spots in the basement, except when one rain gutter in one corner of the house gets disconnected and water runs down the foundation and causes the carpeting to become wet. Because of this, we are always very careful to make sure the gutter is attached when it's raining. However, other than this we have had no knowledge of an ongoing moisture problem. We live in a very low humidity area and also have not noticed any mold or mildew. Since moving here, we have painted the walls and ceiling, built in cabinets and bookshelves and installed new vinyl double pane basement windows. The basement has electric baseboard heat. It also has a beautiful lawn that my husband waters a lot. A contractor suggested we install a vapor barrier on all four walls. This would obviously entail creating a gigantic mess and I'm sure an equally gigantic cost. Are there any other methods to deal with this moisture situation? We lost a sale on our house, and now need to do something about this as it is bound to come up again. However, the fact that we have basically never known of a moisture problem makes this particular solution pretty hard to swallow. Ideas are appreciated. Thanks, Caryn