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    Default IS the support pillar in crawl space stable????

    I would like to ask if the crawl space support pillar that you see in the pic below is stable enough to support first floor consisting 4 rooms:

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    Default Re: IS the support pillar in crawl space stable????

    It depends. Are those blocks sitting on concrete or dirt? Given a proper footing, then those blocks will hold reasonably well. Is it the "correct" way to set a support? Not in my opinion. The minimum allowable in these parts is a 12" cube of concrete with a wet set pier or raised post base. From there a 4x4 or larger post is set to support the structure above. Now, notice I say "minimum allowable", that is to say that your local codes will dictate the depth and dimension of both the footing and the support member that have been calculated to support the load above.

    BTW, if this is directly beneath that wall with the buckling drywall, then lack of support here can be the culprit for the failure of the drywall. It may be time to consult with a local contractor who is capable of doing the calcs on the load and footings OR hire a structural engineer to assess the entire structure.
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    Default Re: IS the support pillar in crawl space stable????

    In my parts up to 36" high 16" x 16" block pier with a 4" solid cap.
    36" to 80"- 16" x 16" block filled solid w/ #5 bar in corner cells w/ 4" solid cap.
    Higher needs to be engineered.
    Concrete is the same size.
    It all depends on a footing of adequate size too.

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