I am looking for what is the best way to remove a cast iron tub? being they are very heavy and getting it out of a bath room whole might be a job in it self I am wondering what is the best way to cut one up and get it out if there is a way to cut one into pieces. I am looking at my options being I need to replace the tub and refinishing is an option but I am looking for a long term resolution. I can afford a contractor to do the bath room remodel so I am trying to get information so I can do it myself. I know that some or all of the tile will have to be removed as well as some of the plaster to get the tub out but being it is a task that will take many to carry it out and I am the only person here I am wondering if it can be cut in to managable pieces to get it out. I am also thinking of gutting the bath room walls of plaster and the widnow and doing it all at one project wall and floor tile etc and getting it done though it will take a few weekends to do most of it I am a very limited budget. Not experts I know that can help so I am looking for advice and information before I start it???

Thanks in Advance.