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    When i paint over a new spackle repair i get what i have been told as flashing. How do i get rid of this?

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    At a minimum, you must spot prime the new patch. To guarantee that the patch will not flash, it would be well advised to then prime the whole wall before finish coating. The goal is to have the patch sealed equally well as the wall around it.

    It is also possible to have a spot too well sealed. For instance, if you use shellac or BIN sealer to seal in crayon or ink marks on the wall, your finish coat might show a glossier spot over the primer because it is sealed better than the wall around it. In this case, I would roll a thin coat of the finish coat over the sealed area, allow it to dry and then roll the entire wall. However, once again, to guarantee an absolutely uniform sheen, the best thing is to prime the whole wall before fihish coating.

    Flashing problems are usually more apparent when higher sheen paints are used. Flat paints usually minimize such flashing.

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