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    Cool deck railings need reinforcing

    Hi, we're new to the reno game and would like to hear your thoughts and get your advise on how to best reinforce our current deck railings which are old and made of wood.

    The deck rail is a pretty standard looking, 3' high L with one end attached to the house and the other end attached to a decending wooden staircase. The staircase railings are also quite loose. The deck itself is attached to the house on 2 sides, it is sturdy and posted to the ground on the protruding corner and by the stairs. The house is 19 years old and suspect the deck and rails are the same.

    The rails are 2 x 2 set 4 inches apart. The base of the rail is approx 1 inch off of the deck, I assume for drainage purposes.

    Thanks for your help.


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    Default Re: deck railings need reinforcing

    How long are these railings?

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