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    Default Painting A Basement Floor???

    I am finishing a basement with an old concrete floor. The floor has been poured in different sections over time therefore is somewhat not level and looks funky. The ceiling height is somewhat low so I have painted the ceiling and walls a lighter color to create the appearance of a larger space.

    I want to paint the concrete floor but have no idea what color to go with. Should I be looking at lighter or darker shades to keep with the appearnce of a larger space?

    Any suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated.


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    Default Re: Painting A Basement Floor???

    My husband and I are in the process of tackling this same project. First, we're trying to level the floor in the spots where concrete has been poured over older concrete with this self leveling mortar mix. Apparently though, you have to get as much of the old paint off of the concrete first which we are attempting by using a stone grinder with an attachment that is similar to a sander for wood floors.

    We chose a deep red for the floor - almost a maroon actually. I've seen it in other basements and really like it. It makes a cold dank basement feel a little bit warmer. Our walls were scoured with tsp solution and then painted white with a waterproof paint.

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