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    Question laying caoncrete pavers over concrete

    Looking for advice/ideas on the best way to lay 2 1/2 inch thick concrete pavers over concrete slab. Pavers are the interlocking type w/ a 'preachers hat' pattern. I was planning on laying pavers with thin set mortar mix, but a friend said they hired a landscape co. to cover a cement patio w/ pavers and they used sand between the pad and the pavers. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks for the help.

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    Default Re: laying caoncrete pavers over concrete

    I guess it depends where you live as well. Here in MN I would go with sand because using mortar and the patio bricks wouldn't last one winter from freeze and thaw heaving.

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    Default Re: laying caoncrete pavers over concrete

    I agree just use the sand. It will be a lot more forgiving if you are in a colder climate and if you ever have a paver crack it will be a lot easier to replace.

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