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    Default Installing a Stair Runner

    TOH has a great "how-to" article on this topic, but in the interest of time and money, in addition to the fact that I'm renting, I'd rather employ the short-cut version. I plan on buying carpet pad and 20 ft. of a cheap stair runner and staple them both to the stairs. Specifically, I'd staple both (the pad will be cut into sections, the rug will be one continuous piece) under the lip of each tread as well as at the back of each tread (where it meets the riser). Is this a good idea? What kind of staples should I use? Also, the steps wind toward the bottom - how should I handle that? I'd appreciate any other comments/suggestions. By the way, I'm a complete novice...

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    Default Re: Installing a Stair Runner

    Carpet pad is tacked in place with T-50 staples. Carpet is tacked with 1/4" crown staples that are 1/2" in length. You will not be able to install a straight runner around curved steps. Each stair tread will have to be custom cut because both the back edge and the bull nose are angled. When cutting these pieces, be sure to pattern match them to the riser pieces for a "seamless" appearance.
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