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    Question Front Porch Stair Treads


    I hope this is not a dumb question, but what type of wood should I use when replacing the Treads on the outside front stairs? The previous owners used Pressure Treated boards. For one thing, they are quite ugly since they were not stained or painted. Yet I don't think that that is really the solution. I look at other homes around the area, and the treads don't seem to be made of PT wood, but maybe Cherry/Oak/Maple? My local Home Depot doesn't seem to carry treads for outdoor stairs.


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    Smile Re: Front Porch Stair Treads

    Use the new composite material. It is far superior to treated, will not rot, will not warp, and is very strong. It comes in various styles and colors to meet your needs, so use the kind that has a rough surface, to prevent slippage. Always use the recommended screws for the treads, ones that are long enough to hold very tight, recommending the 3" long treated screws. The composite material is very attractive.

    Good luck with your project.

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