My wife and I are building a patio made from reclaimed bricks (12' x 30'). We used pressure treated 2 x 8 for the boarder pitched 3" in the narrow direction. I compacted the existing earth then compacted 7" of crusher run down to 4", then added 1" of bluestone dust and compacted it as well. Finally screeded about 1/4 - 1/2" of the bluestone dust to level. Bear with me I will get to the point soon. Started laying the bricks setting them in with a rubber mallet, they are reclaimed bricks so there are some spaces and gaps. I had purchased 5 bags of polymeric sand, I was told each bag would cover about 100 sq ft. Of course with the large gaps it would cover less. While I was laying down the brick I swept some bluestone dust into the joints and watered the patio to try and compact the dust into place. The qustion I have is this going to cause problems for me using the polymeric sand? I didn't want to fill the whole void with the sand because of the expense. Also the sand I have is tan I can get grey which is what I am leaning toward since I how the grey will look (bluestone dust).

Thank You, Cush