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    Default 3rd car garage vs Bonus room

    We are building a brand new house but only have enough budget to choose between a 3rd car garage or a bonus room. They both will cost roughly 15k. I would like to know which of the two options would create the most equity... The bonus room creates more sq footage but I know many people like a 3rd car. Help!!

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    Default Re: 3rd car garage vs Bonus room

    I know you say you don't have the budget to do both, but look at it this way... it will never be any cheaper than it is now to do both of them, if you come back in 3 or 4 years to add it you're going to be paying easily 30% more than it cost to do it now.

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    Default Re: 3rd car garage vs Bonus room

    You're concerned about building equity so go with the bonus room. If there's a way to make a closet in the room, you can list the house as having either the extra bedroom or an office/bonus room. This versatility will add $$ to your value. The 3rd car garage is only useful to a smaller percentage of lookers. Air conditioned space like a bedroom/bonus room/office will add to your equity in a heart beat.

    For me, I'd make the space into a shop but that's just me, not the other 98% of home buyers who don't have the need for a shop or garage.

    Good Luck.

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