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    Default Re: Nail pops, patched up walls and cracking paint

    I agree with the other posts but many of them had more questions in them, not things to do. You have several things going on and thus, several things to try.

    If you don't have a screw gun, use an electric drill with a #2 Phillips tip. Buy some inch and a quarter long drywall screws.

    Now go to the corners where the metal corner bead is cracking off. Drive a screw through it, near the crack. See if it sucks back into the wall. If so, drive a screw every 12-18 inches along the edge of the bead to tie it back to the wall. It could have cracked off due to the house settling and could still happen again if the house settles more but this will stop it for now. You need to check the foundation to see what's going on with the settling.

    Next use drywall joint compound and an 8" or bigger drywall knife and cover it back up. Just do your best at smoothing it out. You can sand it later if needed.

    For the dimples, push the wall surface near the dimple, with your hand. If you feel it give, like it's loose, push it tight to the studs or ceiling joists and drive two screws in, about4-5 inches apart, on either side of the nails. This should hold it. Make sure the screw heads are below the surface of the drywall but don't break the paper surface of the drywall or it will lose it's holding power. Then re-bed the screws and nails with drywall compound. It will probably take two applications as the compound will shrink.

    On the bubbled wall next to the wall heater, I'd take a utility knife and cut lightly, around the edge of the bubble. Then use the tip of the knife to lift the paper away from the wall. See what the drywall looks like behind the paper. If it's crumbled, you'll need to cut all that drywall away and replace it with a new patching piece, re-tape the joint, and bed it with a couple of applications of compound. If you take it off the wall, check out behind it to see if it's damp or moldy. You may have another problem, if so. If the material behind the paper is sound, you can either "plaster" that part with compound or just cut it all out and put in new drywall to patch it. Something is going on there, however. You're going to have to do a little exploring.

    On the lines in ceilings/walls where there are joints, I'd make sure the board is solid to the wood behind it and if not screw it down. Next press directly on the seam that you can see and see if it compresses. If so, cut it out with the utility knife, re-tape it, and bed it with 2-3 more coats of compound.

    Whenever you're getting ready to put drywall compound on the surface of walls and ceilings, it's critical to make sure the wall board is all tight to the wood. Don't hesitate to use screws to make sure. They're easier to patch than re-doing it later.

    Good Luck.
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    Default Re: Nail pops, patched up walls and cracking paint

    Thank you , Thank you , Thanks to all who have given their valuable sugesstion. I am trying to do variuos thing suggested to solve the porblems ....will post updates when I have some. Once again thanks for the detailed suggestions!!!

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