We just bought our first home. It was a short sale. Since we are first time home buyers we did whatever educated research we could do as to what to look for in a house. This house needed some work but we missed some stuff that is now bothering us very much. This house was built in 1955. It is back drop slit In NJ (east coast) and the neighbors say that the first owners did not maintain it very well. The house was then sold to an investor and that investor sold to another investor who rented it out. There was a small fire in kids room and I believe the investor may have gotten his money and thatís why he fixed it a bit, mostly superficially; tried to sell it but since there were not tenets the house ended up as a short sale which we bought 3 weeks ago!!!!
Here are some problems that we are seeing any help or comment will be appreciated!!
One, the walls have very clear lines and bulges where supposedly the drywalls meet. What can we do and how expensive can this be. Is there some other problem that we donít know?
Two , We got a new roof and since then mostly of the wall and ceiling inside the house are getting these dimples. Some say the nails may pop out. Some of them actually did but mostly we only see a small circular depression. Can anyone suggest how long we can wait before these nail pop out (that is if they will) and what can be a fix for this.
Three, the walls have so many patches, bathroom wall, store room ceiling below the bathroom. Even the edges of walls (as we now notice) have been repaired as if they were broken. What kind of problem could we be looking at, any suggestion. One important point is that one of the wall that we were painting seem to have cracked up paint; it is like when wood is wet and the paint on it swells up and cracks. Do you think the house has rotten wall. How can we find out. The inspector did not say anything of this kind. He had said that there is no mold and no moisture.
This is a bit long but I am so desperate. Please help!!!!!!
I will post pics soon or can send it to email if you want to see.