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    Default parts for making own cabinet pulls

    I have been asked to make some custom cabinet pulls; sounded easy but am unable to find the "stem" or post that goes between the door front and the knob/pull. If anyone knows the proper terminology and or where I can obtain some, would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: parts for making own cabinet pulls

    depends on what your doing. when I made some handles out of old silverware I used round male-female spacers that were threaded. you'd prolly want machine threaded male-male spacers if you wanted to use regular machine threaded screws from the inside of the drawers or cabinet doors.

    the trick is to get the right machine threading. maybe an expandable peice or hex shaped threaded nut that you glue or place in a bored area if you're making wood handles.

    you need to have a look at the bulk bins at your local hardware store and know what material you want to make your handles out of and if you're welding it or whatever.

    if by post you need handle screws machine threaded they are in the bulk bins too. you got to know what threading if metric or us and the length you want. cutting them short usually meshes up whatever you're trying to screw them into, post, spacer, nut, whatever. maybe you want a female machine threaded spacer to cover or extend the handle further from the door front, they have them too usually chrome or brass.
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    Default Re: parts for making own cabinet pulls

    many thanks; I should be looking at function first....i.e. a spacer not a cabinet pull's the easy ones that are hard!

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