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    Default Loose and Shallow Outlets


    In one of my bedrooms I have 3 outlets that have a couple problems. One the outlet is loose, it appears that the box is too far back in the wall so the wings can't catch. I think if I got some washers I can fix this one.

    The other two outlets are too shallow in the wall so the boxes stick out perhaps a quarter of an inch and it looks pretty lousy. They don't feel loose when I try to push them back into the wall.

    Anyone have any suggestions on what I can do to fix them?


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    Default Re: Loose and Shallow Outlets

    If the outlet boxes are metal and are sticking too far out of the wall than you cannot adjust them without busting out sheetrock, If it is in too far you shound use an extension ring and long 6-32 screws. The ring will take up the gap around the box and also support the plug.If the outlet boxes are non-mettallic than I woud bust them out and use a plastic old work box in the existing hole , these are the style with "wing" bolts on the corners.
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