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    Default Stained Glass Panel Installation

    This is probably not your normal question for this doors and windows section but I though that someone may have some insight for me.

    We have a stained glass panel, approximately 49 inches long and 7.5 inches tall which is to be installed into a transom vinyl window. The catch is not to drill any holes in the vinyl window.

    I'm looking for any ideas.

    Thanks in advance

    Bruce Patterson
    Richmond, VA

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    Default Re: Stained Glass Panel Installation

    Glue it to the existing window, using a tube of silicon caulk.

    If you EVER want to take the stained glass off the window, use the caulking VERY sparingly (ie. don't run a bead of it all the way around the window) or you'll take the stained glass out of the window in very small pieces. (voice of experience speaking)

    Just put a little gob of the caulk at each corner. I mean very little. About the size of a pencil in diameter. It has incredible holding power. Use some masking tape to hold the stained glass in place for 12-24 hours. Then take off the tape. You're done.

    Good Luck.

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