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    Default Foundation has a wide crack

    I live in a 200 year old farm house and one of the sub-basements in the old part of the house has a major crack. It's 2" wided and about 3 foot long. And the foundation wall is a bit bowed.

    This is under the (medium sized) shed, though connected to the house, is actually not main part of the house.

    Should I just fill it with cement or do I also need to reinforce the old foundation with additional stone/cement block wall?

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    Default Re: Foundation has a wide crack

    Being sight unseen I would have to say based on your description of the foundation being bowed and cracked it sounds like you should have some professional on site advise.

    Sounds like you may need more than cement to fix this problem ... it may require appropriate bracing or something more extensive.

    Again sight unseen.
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