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    Default Why don't we have plinths around houses

    Why don't we have plinths around houses in the US

    In Indo-Pakistan subcontinent most houses have a plinth around the house to protect the foundation.

    Plinths are an exterior two foot wide brick & plastered cement barrier all around the house that keeps the water away from the foundation wall, thus keeping water damage from occuring to the foundation.

    Many of us have basement water problems, why not copy or invent a better plinth to keep our basements dry?

    An idea I have is to use a vertical (6 - 8 foot deep) and a horizontal (2 foot wide) metal panel to act as a modern day plinth and keep the basements of our old houses dry. The metal can be aluminium to prevent rust and the whole thing can be covered with grass or gravel.

    An additional benefit would be to stop roots from comming near the foundation.

    Are there any civil engineers or architects who can comment on this?
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