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    Question Replumbing a house

    We are planning to purchase a classic 2-story house built in 1925 that is entirely galvanized plumbing. A home inspection confirmed that there is poor water flow in the two upstairs bathrooms, downstairs 1/2 bath, kitchen & basement sinks, and outside spigots. There are also
    many compression patches in use.

    Can somebody give me an overview/understanding of how a house is re-plumbed? And estimated costs? Are new pipes run up from the basement? The house is of such vintage that there are plaster - not sheet rock - walls which might be another consideration on costs. We are planning to have the work done by a licensed plumber, so it's up to code.

    Any help would be welcome.



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    Default Re: Replumbing a house

    Rick, I am having my house replumbed because it has polybutylene pipes which have a very high faliure rate, including a new line from street and all new pex pipes my estimate is a solid 4800 to 5400, not including drywall. I got 2 estimates which were close and chose the plumber that was a father son operation. Estimated drywall repair is 500. Water lines are located and holes are cut in walls at strategic places for new pipes. Hope this was helpful. Charles

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