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    Default Plumbing problem turning into a flooring problem and hopefully not structural

    First of all, My father should not have talked me into buying this old 1885 house when I started having doubts. My female intuition is perfect!

    Which brings me to the second floor toilet. It was ruining the ceiling of the floor below. So, Father helped daughter and a new taller wax ring was installed, problem solved. Once again, female intuition said rip out the floor and see what other damage is there. Father's know-how won out.

    New ceiling was installed, but started get the infamous rings once again. Luckily, with all the other projects, I never got beyond drywalling. So, once again, stopped using the toliet and put it on the back burner project list.

    Second floor bathroom is now the main project of full-fledged redo. Tonight, I decided to pull up the flooring. Layer 1 vinyl, layer 2 vinyl, layer 3 weird plywood, layer 4 of 50's linoleum tiles. The plywood around the toliet is just tiny shreds. Under it I find the tile. I finally get that up and the subfloor is just like the plywood - brittle from years and years of saturation.

    This weekend will no doubt be one of tearing up the 5 layers of old flooring. Any advice on next steps to take?

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    Default Re: Plumbing problem turning into a flooring problem and hopefully not structural

    well my guess is that it might be just as easy to tear out subflooring and see if you get a plumber out to take a look at things,trust me,you dont wanna go thru all that flooring work ,only to see another ploblem a cple months later,i wolud replace as much plumbing as possible..just my opin

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