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    Question Where to place chair railing on a half-wall

    I have an in-kitchen eating area that we are repainting and putting up a chair rail to divide two colors. One wall is a normal wall with 8' ceilings, 12' in length. However, the other wall is a half-wall with decorative posts that go up the rest of the way to the 8' ceiling. The half-wall is 48" tall and 6' long.

    I'm torn on what height to place the chair rail. If I place it at 36" (which seems to be a concensus on most sites I've googled), it will leave the half-wall with ~36" of the bottom color and ~12" of the top color.

    If I put the chair rail at the 48" mark, it looks way too high on the wall.

    Or should I do the chair rail only on the longer wall (the 12' one) and paint the short half-wall only the bottom color?

    Any suggestions anyone?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    Default Re: Where to place chair railing on a half-wall

    Chair rail can be set anywhere from 32" to 36" and be visually pleasing. As for the color change, what if you were to forgo the chair rail on the short wall and paint it all one color (I would tend to use the same color as you're using on the upper wall )?
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    Default Re: Where to place chair railing on a half-wall

    If it was me, I'd put the chair rail on the big wall and leave it off the short one. Regarding the 48" height for the chair rail, no. It's a "chair" rail meaning that it is there to protect the walls from the back of the chair hitting/denting the wall. I'm assuming your chairs aren't 48" tall. Additionally, it will look funny.

    Also, when installing it, the thinner/molded part of the chair rail goes down and the "rail" part is on the top. You may know this but I've seen it occasionally intalled upside down.

    Good Luck.

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