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    Default cutting laminate countertop

    we are trying to get out our old dishwasher that is sitting 1.5 inches lower than the floor. we have decided the easiest way to remove it is to cut the countertop and make the section that sits on the dishwasher its own section right next to the rest of the countertop. otherwise we would either have to remove the whole countertop or remove the tile flooring. so my question is what do we cut the countertop with, and once its cut is there something that i can put between the two pieces to keep water from falling between the sink and dishwasher?

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    Default Re: cutting laminate countertop

    Have you considered cutting the legs or bottom frame off of the dishwasher in order to avoid having to cut the countertop? If this is an option, then you might consider purchasing 2 single drawer dishwashers (one to sit on top of the other). I do not recommend cutting your countertop because the chances of chipping it are very high.

    If you do decide to cut your countertop, however, then I suggest a down-stroke jigsaw blade for laminate. Once you have cut out the countertop, you might consider installing butcher block (instead of putting back the old countertop and having 1/8 inch gap on each side). In order to stop the water, use 100% silicone.

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