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Thread: house jacking

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    Talking house jacking

    Does anyone know the approximate cost of having a house jacked? And the approximate cost of having a structural appraisal done? Thank you

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    Default Re: house jacking

    Many variables come into play as far as lifting...... type , size of home and access to the home .... location of a contractor whether or not they're local or have to drive in from out of town. Will they have to make cutouts in concrete / stone foundation to slide beams into place. Permits and regulations in your area ...... to name a few.

    For a structural evalution will also depend on location and how extensive or comprehensive of an evalutation. If you only want a walk through with a written report might only cost $1k .... however ... with drawings for alterations and/or corrections will be about 2 - 3 times that...... depends
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