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    Question Replacing Nylon Window Screens

    I'm replacing nylon window screens in aluminum frames, that came with my double hung windows.

    Is there a trick or tip to keep these from getting too tight and bowing the frame when pushing the spline into the frame and streching the screen too tight. It either gets bowed or twists the frame if left to it's own geometry. I've done a number of windows now with no real sucess.

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    Default Re: Replacing Nylon Window Screens

    There's a learning curve when you first start out -- takes practice. Keeping the screen tight just with your hands as you install the spline is usually all you need to prevent the screen material from bunching or getting crooked. Let the screen tighten itself as the spline goes into the frame. If the frame is a little out of square when finished, it will correct itself when you put it back into the window frame.
    If your reason for replacing screens is pets, I recommend thick pet-resistant vinyl window screen available at the big-box home improvement stores. It seemed to me a little easier to install than regular screen, and definitely holds up well against sharp claws. Even if you don't have pets, it will hold up longer on exterior door screens than regular vinyl.

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