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    Default 200 y/o wide pine floor

    I had water damage to my home from ice dams that formed in my gutters. One of the results was I had to pull up carpet and particle board from my bedroom floor exposing the old wide plank pine floor which I love. Though I like the old worn imperfect look, there are gaps, dents and some old stains. I need to protect it, finish it and fill in the gaps. There is no stain or finish on it. What is the best and easiest way I can do this myself. Any help out there would be so appreciated.

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    Default Re: 200 y/o wide pine floor

    If you want to live with the gaps, dents and some old stains, clean thoroughly and apply a good floor poly. If you want to refinish, rent a random orbital floor sander from your local tool rental, sand the floor down, apply stain if you want, and 3 coats of good floor poly. Fill the gaps with rope stained to match.
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