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    Default Biasi B 10 vs Biasi SG-2 series question

    ...Thought I had decided on the Biasi B3, but another heating contractor has suggested that the B-3 while meeting my heating needs is sized to small when we factor in the load for the domestic hot water (50 gal Super Stor) storage tank. He thinks that on bitter cold nights and water needs, I will have too frequent short cycling. His second choice is the Biasi B-4. His first choice is the Biasi SG-2 series. His reasoning is that..." the goal is to maintain 70 degrees F on a -20 degree day with a 15-20 mph wind and a delta t of 20 degrees F without short cycling.....he continues...the SG-2 puts you in a good position without over firing but it has more water content. Also it has a complete swing out door for easier servicing." I am not sure what he means when he says that it has a higher water content...unless he means that the boiler holds more water! I thought the greater efficiency was gained by using less water than other brands...or is he just talking about the B-4. Any thoughts as to which system is better greatly appreciated. Our Vermont winters can be real cold. We don't have a lot of hot water useage. Also, I don't know if it has an outside temp reset like the B-10 series... Thanks, Bill
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