I work very hard for my pay checks. I was going to get an outside coal boiler system to replace my older heating oil forced air sytem. But the cost is out of the question at this time. The problem is last year the blower motor went and another part they were replaced with new ones. But the sout is still coming through the heat vents on the walls and through everything in the house. As I said I cannot afford to replace the furnace. I do not make that kind of money and with the cost of everything up makes it a no way at this time. What is causing this problem. I know it is not good for any of us to breath this stuff. I am going to call a repair person but I really want to know long before I call anyone what the heck is going on and if it can be repaired to hold out at least one more season. I have been fixing this old I mean old house up since I bought it but somethings are just to expensive to get to. . Thank you.