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    Default removing gutter tree near electrical wires

    What started as a little twig growing in the gutter has become larger with all the rain we have had this summer. The problem is we are afraid to climb a ladder and remove our mini gutter tree because of all the nearby wires - electrical, phone, and cable. My husband wants to grab a long stick and go after it but I won't let him. Should we call an electrician to clean our gutter? There must be an easy way. The proximity of the electrical wires to the gutter scares me, and it is annoying to see the mini tree as we pull into our driveway every day. Thanks! - Lisa and Tony F

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    Default Re: removing gutter tree near electrical wires

    I would look in the paper for someone who does pressure cleaning, they will usually also clean gutters. then you want to make sure that they are insured and have the proper license. calling an electrician may be rather expensive and he might pull the tree but that would probally be all and the other guy would clean all the gutters out and make sure down spouts are clear. You might as well get the full value for your dollar

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    Default Re: removing gutter tree near electrical wires

    Can you post a picture of the tree? You can attach it here directly from your computer, it doesn't require an outside photo-host, though you can do it that way as well.

    The tree can't be all that large, I suspect the problem is a fear of heights, correct? If that is the case, a good neighbor, a yard service, or tree company could handle this for you. I don't recommend that you attempt anything that you're not comfortable doing, nor would I suggest the use of a pole pruner or other gizmo in the vicinity of the power lines. While the likelihood of damaging the line or receiving an electrocution is low, it's a chance best left untaken.
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