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    Question spray foam insulation

    I am a remolding contractor in Arkansas and I have customer that wants to put spray foam insulation in there home but the problem is, in this area of the U.S., that if you put a vapor barrier on the interior of exterior walls they will mold from the excess moister. Will they have the same problem as a vapor barrier with the spray foam insulation?

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    Default Re: spray foam insulation

    Being that you are a contractor you are familair of the perm. value of materials.

    If you are using a closed cell foam this material has a low perm value for air and moisture penetration.
    Combined with the low perm. value and it's high R value closed cell foam works toward greatly reducing the warm and cool zones from meeting. As well the spray foam will seal voids in the structure preventing air leakage which is more difficult to do with batt insulation.

    As with any insulation all areas of air leakage need to be addressed not only the stud bays.
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