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    Default Ceiling fan direction

    Sept.8th issue, "Around the house" page 24.....
    You write - "change rotation of ceiling fans to clockwise to push warm air down".
    Our public service company, XCEL Energy writes - "in the winter, run your ceiling fan at low speed in the reverse direction so that the blades push air UP to the ceiling where hot air gets trapped. The fan will drive the warm air back down around the edges of the room resulting in more even heating.....".
    You seem to be at odds with those in control of our energy use, what am I to do, I've always been confused by this.

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    Default Re: Ceiling fan direction

    If I remember correctly, the "proper" method is to have the fan blowing downward in the summer to create a breeze in the room. In the winter you want to circulate the warm air off the ceiling without creating a draft in the room, so the fan blows towards the ceiling.
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    Default Re: Ceiling fan direction

    Generally speaking either way will mix the air .... so in theory there isn't a wrong or right way to turn the fan.

    Although ..... as A.Spruce points out ..... you would like the fan creating a breeze toward you during the warm period .... you cool better with the direct breeze helping to remove the persperation that forms on your skin.

    During the cold winter you really don't want the cool breeze blowing on you since you really don't need any cooling off .... besides it's more comfortable not having the breeze.

    Just a thought.
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