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    Question Floors or walls first?

    Hello all. I couldn't find the answer to my question so I have to post it.

    I bought a house recently. The upper-level floor had wall-to-wall-carpeting in bad shape, so we removed that and the plywood boards underneath it and now just have the subfloor up there. We want to make the space livable again. However, the floorplan is too open, and we want to split it up into rooms with doors to make them bedrooms. We are thinking of something like bamboo flooring for the whole area.

    Now do I do the wood floors first, or the walls? It seems like it would be easier to to do the floors first. The walls don't need to support any weight or anything, nor have any outlets or anything. What do you think?

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    Default Re: Floors or walls first?

    Walls first, always.
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    I'll second-always put up the walls first. A floating floor especially shouldn't have walls on it. While the walls aren't supporting any load, they are themselves fairly heavy. The walls need to be properly secured to the deck, not flooring.

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