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    Default Galvanized ceiling

    Okay. My husband thinks I am nuts but........I REALLY want to install a galvanized metal ceiling in our living room. I am talking about the full sized sheets of metal roofing that is used for exterior roofing. Has anyone ever done this? Does anyone have any finished pictures so I can show him? Or am I truly out of my mind? Any help, ideas and suggestions will be greatly appreciated! You can email me directly @ janibelle1@aol.com.

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    Default Re: Galvanized ceiling

    Do you really mean galvanized sheet metal or embossed tin ceiling panels?

    My 2..Galvanized sheet metal isn't that good looking and they will dull easily. I do not know good cleaner to bring back original shine, even if you or someone "claim" there are cleaners on the market will do the job but galvanized metal shows residues from cleaners very easily.
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