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    Wink Gazebo mold

    The ceiling of our gazebo is beginning to show mold developing.We live in the midwest so our winters are pretty cold and wet.The ceiling is not protected by sealer or stain as is the rest of the gazebo and deck.What is the SAFEST and most effective way to clean these mold spores and a good product to use ? thanks.

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    First, figure out where it is coming from. Is there a leak in the roof? You would think if it was due to the atmosphere, the whole gazebo would be moldy.
    If there is no actual water damaging the structure, it could be the moisture rising and that's the first place it attacks. Or else the rest of the structure is protected with sealant.

    For removal, consult the CDC or EPA websites (google mold removal) where you can identify the type and then see what should clean it. Use protective gear when you do that or else the spores can land on your hair, end up in your house (and your lungs).

    After removal, use a product like Kilz which will seal the wood. Make sure you use one that is recommended for outdoor use.

    Also inspect the rest of the structure to make sure the mold isn't traveling. It probably wouldn't hurt to re-seal the entire structure.

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    Saw your question featured on the main TOH page, not sure you are still looking for advice.

    What is the ceiling made of and why didn't you finish or seal it originally? Are you sure it isn't mildew or dirt?

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