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    I am currently planning to replace/expand my front porch (almost the whole width of my 1920's cape) and hope to put a pergola over it. Due to the small amount of space between the top of the window and the fascia/gutter, I was planning to run the rafters over the gutter onto the existing roof. I would conceal the gutter with trim boards to match the header on the outer side of the porch. My question is, how should I fasten the rafters to the house roof and what would the best way to flash them as well. The only idea I had was to strip back the shingles, install a nailer and flash over that and down into the gutter.

    Is this a bad idea or is there another easier way?

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    It might be smarter to install a "yankee gutter" above the pergola attachment point. It's a custom-bent flashing with a gutter formed at the bottom. It would need to extend 18" up the roof, so it's under three courses of shingles. It probably wouldn't hurt to place ice & water shield above and below it.
    And, really, if you had the yankee gutter, you could remove the existing fascia board and insert the pergola rafters in the cornice to the wall plate, and cut sections of fascia to infill.
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    I'd be more inclined to make the pergola free standing to avoid any roof modifications. A picture would help understand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ed21 View Post
    I'd be more inclined to make the pergola free standing to avoid any roof modifications.
    Boy , I agree with that.

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