Help please. I am gutting my old farmhouse's bathroom, & thought I would replace my old tub with a skirted cast iron tub or some other freestanding tub. It's a small room, so I need to use the tub as a shower, too.

I'm having trouble finding a tub that isn't too high to step in & out of easily. My elderly mother comes to stay sometimes, & I'm getting older, too! Does anyone on have any advice about (1) where to get a lower freestanding tub; (2) where to find a conventional iron tub with a finished end (I'd like the tub/shower to be open to the window, so a 3-sided wall surround won't work.); or (3) what you do to a tall (24" or so) tub so that you can get safely in & out (tub transfer seats are only 21" or so)?

thanks very much for any help -- I've been waiting a long time for this re-do!