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    Question Moldy Garage Floor

    Hey , I live in Pennsylvania and I have an unheated garage. In the winter the concrete floor gets covered with gray mold or what looks like mold (I can sweep in off with a broom). How can I fix this, without having to install heat out there. I've thought of a sealer but the floor looks pretty old so I thought maybe an epoxy paint may be better. I havent a clue. Help.. thanks Darrick

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    I'm guessing it may not be mold. It sounds like there isn't a vapor barrier under your concrete slab. Moisture works its way up through the concrete and evaporates at the surface. When it evaporates, it deposits any minerals which may have been dissolved in the water leaving a greyish scale.

    I could be completely wrong, but I've seen it happen before and it looks similar to mold. You could apply a garage floor paint, but it may have a shortened life due to the moisture issue under the surface.
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