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    Default Stenciling on textured walls

    I want to stencil some large five-pointed Texas stars on the walls of our country kitchen. The walls have the common "California Knockdown" texturing and are painted a flat dark blue. I would like the stars to be semi-opaque, so that you can just see the blue of the wall through the white stippling.

    Does anyone have any tips on how to best stencil textured walls? What material to use for the template and if spray adhesives will be any help? Any links you can suggest to how-to articles?


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    Default Re: Stenciling on textured walls

    If you want hard lines, that will be a bit tough, but if you don't mind relatively irregular lines (perimeter of image ) then either a brush or sponge will do. The stencil should be lightweight cardboard or poster board.

    The main thing while painting is to start on the stencil and drag your painting implement from the stencil onto the wall surface. If you try to go from wall to stencil or back and forth across the edge of the stencil, you're going to sc**** paint off your tool and it will puddle under the stencil, making for a lot of bleeding and poor lines.

    I would tape the stencil to the wall with painters tape and apply the paint in thin layers until you get the depth of color you're looking for.
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