I recently purchased an elevated house on the Tx coast. It is obviously hot and humid here. The house is from 1968 and was a spec (cheap) house. The walls are wood paneling with wood siding on the outside. There is some loose fill but in very poor condition. Also I have a cathedral ceiling in the living room and kitchen it is completely non-insulated.
This is going to have to be a fairly cheap DIY or mostly DIY project.
I am thinking about removing the wall paneling (I need to rewire and do some plumbing work anyway, and the cheap paneling is ugly) retrofit hurricane straps, place fiberglass bats and drywall.
My three questions are
1. The ceiling... I love the look of the exposed rafters, but it is increadibly hot in the house. I am fairly clueless on what to do.
Do I need a vapor barrier? What about the ceramic paints on the ceiling?
2. The walls- again vapor barrier? Can I just stick in the batts, secure and drywall?
3. Do I need to do anything on the floor, there is a garage and small enclosed room downstairs. Should I add insulation under the sub floor and then add something like the plastic barrier?