I have a burnham boiler that is controlled with a Taco SR504 4 zone switching relay (zone 4 priority is off). There are 3 heat zones, each with its own circulator, and the 4th zone is for indirect hot water. The box is wired in a cold start application. All 4 zones are controlled by separate thermostats. Here is my question. I have just installed a wood/coal boiler (New Yorker - 90) in parallel with the oil fired unit and there is a Taco 007 pump in the loop. There is a Honeywell L6006A that is used to turn the pump and blower on and off and there is a Honeywell L4006B aquastat to act a a high limit switch to activate a pump in case the water temperature in the wood/coal boiler goes over temp. Where do I connect the L4006B? Normally I would connect it to the thermostat posts on the largest zone of the Taco Box, but all zones are used. Can I simply put the aquastat on the same terminals as the thermostat? I forgot to mention that the thermostats are all solid state auto set-back units. Sorry for the long post. Thank you.