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    Default refinish bath enclosure

    I have an old bath enclosure that looks like Corian. How do you resurface this to restore it. Currently it has been stained by soap and water. Can I sand it or what???

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    Default Re: refinish bath enclosure

    First have you tried cleaning it with a product for removing water stains like CLR or one of the others. Although there may be soap scum build up on it the stains are more likely lime, rust, or other deposits from the water.
    You say it looks like Corian. Without knowing for sure I would be reluctant to sand because it could be a product with a very thin veneer and sanding may remove the veneer completely. Besides sanding you would probably have to polish it restore it.
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    Default Re: refinish bath enclosure

    Thank you. Will try lime remover. If I sand with 1200 sandpaper, will it be scratched?

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