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    Default Low Voltage Sprinkler Wiring

    I am trying to determine how to check the continuity of low voltage sprinkler wiring. I know there is power at the timer. The front yard sprinklers work, but the backyard sprinklers don't. The wiring all seems to be connected properly both at the timer, which is in the garage, and the backyard, where the valves are located.
    Any assistance will be appreciated.

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    Default Re: Low Voltage Sprinkler Wiring

    You might try one of two things to check the circuit .

    1 - disconnect the wires at both ends of the run .... at the controller and the solenoid

    then connect the 2 wires together at the solenoid or the controller side ... doesn't matter which .... the remianing end leave the wires seperate.
    With a multimeter ( voltohm meter ) check for zero or one ohm in ohms mode ... most multimeters even have a beeper or buzzer in continuity mode..... this will tell you the wires are good or not.

    2 - swap the control circuit between the front and back to see if the problem follows.

    Hope this helps.
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