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    Default ductless vs high velocity

    Can someone please tell me the pros and cons of each?
    And more importantly what would you do in your house?

    My wife and I are renovating a 1911 house with a boiler system. We have take out most of the plaster and we can there for do almost anything with respect to cooling. We have decieded to leave hot water rads as the heat source because I hate the blowing of a forced air system. We have also decided to cool from the top down as a result of efficencies we hope to realize because cold air is heavier than warm air. We were told 4 ductless spilts would be enough to cool our 2,000 square foot 2 story home.
    The cons (so i have been told) to the ductless spilt are that because one unit will be in the hall the bedrooms will have to sleep with doors open.
    The second con is the you have a white box hanging on your wall or ceiling.

    The cons to a high velocity system are that they are noisier then the ductles split.
    The second con is that you can not control individual rooms like the ductless system
    The third con is that you can feel the blowing air when you walk under the hole.

    all thoughts and opinions would be a big help.

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    Default Re: ductless vs high velocity

    Go with the minisplits

    I doubt you will need four

    yes you may need to leave doors open, but if you insulate your house well you will not get much heat loading at night, just the moisture from breathing/sweating. The dehumidifying will keep you comfortable.

    I would put one up and one down, and think about how you would add more if you find you need them.

    insulate/windows means less ac needed

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    Smile Re: ductless vs high velocity

    Why not choose a standard central air conditioning system??
    The ductless systems have many useful applications. High velocity is great also. But since you are removing plaster that should make it possible to install a standard central air conditioning system. Of course, we do not have the other parameters of your home to know if this is possible. For the money you can not beat the most even cooling as you can achieve with central. When properly sized and installed you should be able to keep each room within 2 degrees of each other. Good luck!

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