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    Angry What's an improvement?

    Hello. We have a master bath with a separate shower and a tub. The tub is not so big
    and the shower is not so great. I've suggested we turn part of the shower into storage
    and give more room to a tub/shower combo. Would this devalue the bathroom?
    To have a bigger space for a bath/shower combo rather than a separate bath and shower?
    I dunno.

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    Default Re: What's an improvement?

    You may consider opening a wall up to complete your design. It is in style to have a very large shower but to do without a bathtub is another question. If you have a 2nd bath with a tub you may want to consider the closet option and eliminate either the bath or the tub. It is hard to tell about the values but, I suggest that if you only have the one bath keep both.
    At one time we added a seperate shower in the laundry room this was very convienient. You may want to consult an Interior designer or Architect it would be a good investment to do this.

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